Study on technical assistance in realisation of the 2016 report on renewable energy, in preparation of the renewable energy package for the period 2020-2030 in the European Union

Funding body: DG Energy, European Commission

The objective of the contract is to provide technical assistance in preparation of the 2016 report on renewable energy in Europe. This assistance will include:

- data collection, analysis and assessment of the progress in deployment of renewable energy, and national measures promoting such deployment, in the 28 EU Member States on the basis of Member State renewable energy progress reports submitted in 2015, other reports and studies, and own research;

- modelling of Member State and EU progress towards 2020 RES targets, with reference values for 2016, 2020 and projections towards 2030,

- data collection, analysis and assessment of other impacts, including on the EU security of supply in all sectors (heating and cooling, transport and electricity), and analysis of non-economic barriers and incentives for the deployment of RES;

- data collection on the EU biofuel, biomass and biogas markets and impacts of the EU consumption of biofuels, biomass and biogas.